Get To Know Canvas

So now you have created a persona – bit how realistic are your assumptions? You need to validate - or verify - your ideas. It’s time to get to know your target group!
There are lots of ways you could do this and choosing the right approach will depend on what you want to find about and what kind of future relationship you want to have. Direct conversations with people are the most helpful at this stage.

Planning Questions

  • How you can start conversations with people in your target group?
  • What are your key questions?
  • Make a list...
  • What assumptions should we test?
  • How (where and when) should you talk with people ?
  • What’s in it for them?
  • How you could  work with them through the project?

Top Tips

If you are working with a Task Force, involve everyone in the group in this research. Think creatively about how to meet people. Ask your colleagues, volunteers or partners to broker an introcctions Recruit from you mailing list of. Or someone else’s.


  • Parents in a Facebook group invited through a member of staff
  • Hospital workers in the canteen

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